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62 • No Silver Bullet by Fred Brooks


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Jimmy and I have each read this paper a handful of times, and each time our impressions have flip-flopped between “hate it so much” and “damn that’s good”. There really are two sides to this one. Two reads, both fair, both worth discussing: one of them within “the frame”, and one of them outside “the frame”. So given that larger-than-normal surface for discursive traversal, it’s no surprise that this episode is, just, like, intimidatingly long. This one is so, so long, friends. See these withered muscles and pale skin? That’s how much time I spent in Ableton Live this month. I just want to see my family.

No matter how you feel about Brooks, our thorough deconstruction down to the nuts and bolts of this seminal classic will leave you holding a ziplock bag full of cool air and wondering to yourself, “Wait, this is philosophy? And this is the future we were promised? Well, I guess I’d better go program a computer now before it’s too late and I never exist.”

For the next episode, we’re reading a fish wearing a bathrobe.

Sorry, it’s late and I’m sick, and I have to write something, you know?

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