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Not sure what we’re all about? If you’re new to reimagining computing, a good frame of reference is Week 3 & 4 of Chris Novello’s Computer Utopias curriculum.

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This community was originally started by Steve Krouse. From 2017 to 2019, Steve maintained an open-ended log of his research as an experiment in radical transparency. For a summary of his research goals, check the about page. In the fall of 2019, he created The Whole Code Catalog. It includes detailed reviews of 24 programming-ish interfaces and experiments. Check it out for inspiration and ideas-to-steal. Below, you’ll find a number of his published works.


2018 Aug 17 - Explicitly Comprehensible Functional Reactive Programmings (REBLS ‘18)


2019 Apr 02 - The Misunderstood Roots of FRP Can Save Programming

2018 Nov 06 - Live 2018 [Bootleg Edition]

2018 Oct 02 - The “Next Big Thing” is a Room

2018 Jul 04 - Abstractions are leaky, and for sissies

2018 Apr 02 - A Visual History of Eve

2017 Aug 09 - Top-down programming assistant (WoofJS Workflow)

2017 May 09 - The Rose Project (April 2017)

2017 Mar 25 - The Rose Project (March 2017)

2017 Jan 06 - Resources for creating front-end programming languages and frameworks in 2017

2017 Nov 19 - Types are shapes — a graphical programming exploration

2017 Aug 02 - Goodbye, Seymour

2017 Jul 27 - The Trick to Teach Anonymous Functions to 11-Year-Olds

2017 Jul 25 - Scratch Has a Marketing Problem

2017 Jul 12 - WoofJS — making JavaScript learnable