Episode 14 - Research Recap Seven: Master Planning

Fun engagement

I’ve been having some fun engagement! Spoke with AndreaS from Twitter. Tweeted with Chris Granger, emailed with Alan Kay and Nick Johnstone and Christopher Anand.

I love emails

I’m also getting cold emails from listeners which has been unreal! Please keep it coming and apologies if I’m not able to review your tech right away. I will try to respond within a day or two but it might be just to tell you that I’m busy and will add you to my list. I am human so the more you follow up with me, the faster I will get to your stuff.

Finally finished CycleJS Flappy Bird

Made good progress on Elm Flappy Bird

Juan-Benet-inspired Master Plan, which I continued on the about page

Structural Editors Thesis

StreamSheets write up

Website reorg

Journal Death Knell and future on commit log and unbreakable-links (which may turn into its own github pages alternative service)

Amazing recent call with Andre Staltz

(https://www.scuttlebutt.nz/) is really cool

Marinate on problems

Design for the future (AI)

Strongly Consider Expression Editor or Blockly Alternative (as a subcomponent to prototype other things)

Plan for next week

1. Continue Master planning (writing and getting feedback)

2. Start writing about problems more explicitly (as opposed to solutions)

3. Continue writing up solutions