Future of Coding


One of the goals of the Future of Coding is to foster collaboration. Many of us are working on projects to bring about some vision of futuristic computing. Others don’t have a project of their own but would still like to contribute. There are even a few folks independently working on projects for the community itself. The resources on this page will help all our members combine their efforts.

Table of Contents

Projects Seeking Contributions

Are you working on a project that represents your vision for the future of computing? Do you want contributions from our community members? Get in touch, and we will list it here. Please provide the name of your project, a link to any relevant pages, and what sorts of contribution you would appreciate.

Contributors Seeking Projects

If you’d like to contribute to a project, get in touch and we will list you here. Please provide your name, any relevant links, and what skills you have to offer.

Community Github Organization


There is a Future of Coding Github organization. If you would like to host your FoC project under the community banner, or if you are working on a project for the community itself, you are welcome to use this organization. Get in touch to ask for an invite.

Project Comparison

Google Sheet

This is a spreadsheet listing Future of Coding projects in and around the community. It’s not an exhaustive listing, but it does provide an interesting starting point to see who here is working on what, plus a few projects elsewhere that might be of interest to our members. If you’re looking for a project to contribute to, this is one place to explore your options. If you are working on a project, you may edit the spreadsheet to add your project (please stick to the existing format).

Community Initiatives

There are a handful of ongoing projects by and for the community, and many more that could be undertaken. They are collected here for reference. If you have an initiative you’d like to undertake on behalf of the community, just say so and we’ll support it however we can.


If you take a look at the community page, you’ll see a handful of tools and integrations created by community members. If you feel like creating something similar, that’d be most welcome!


There have been a growing handful of virtual and in-person events under the community banner. We’ve workshopped format ideas for new events, but haven’t yet found something with strong resonance. If someone here is interested in organizing a virtual meetup, conference, demo day, or other avenue for coming-together, the banner is yours to take up.


We’d love to have a communal wiki or zettelkasten, a place to organize the links and projects and ideas amassed during our Slack discussions. We need a place to house curations — of slices of the history of computing, of speculative futures, of people working to bring it about.

Cultural Anthropology

When we eventually have a knowledgebase, and ideally a sponsor for the community itself, one type of project that really ought to happen is curation or cultural anthropology of computer-futurism. In particular, we should produce histories of futurist computing by underrepresented people (women, BIPOC in North America, non-Americans / western Europeans, etc.), preferably curated by people from the same underrepresented backgrounds — and we should pay them to do this work.