Future of Coding

Kevin Lynagh


At first I thought this was silly, but the demo was great. It is crazy that you can’t explore all your open tabs in the same interface, and that you have to cycle between both apps and tabs within apps. This is something I don’t have too many problems with in Chromebooks, luckily ;)


Seems like a really cool tool. Similar to Webflow or FramerJS, in that it’s for designing with different sized layouts in mind.

Interesting how they don’t have free trials - seems like they are good about focusing well. Also, they ran a successful Kickstarter.

Subform Layout

Really interesting, and quite similar to my thoughts around “throwing out HTML and CSS and building a layout engine / renderer from scratch.” They also note in the Alternatives section that Facebook’s Yoga is related here…

Kevin explains the motivation for this library in this video. Instead of margin, padding, absolute-positioning, and flexbox, they simplify laying out content with two concepts: 1) position before, size, position after, and 2) stretch pixels, which can be used to define relationships between the quantities in (1). This is a clever way to avoid making designers specify relationships with algebra but still ahve a lot of expressivity.