Future of Coding

JE 5/25/19

Friday May 24, 2019

I realized I haven’t been spending enough time on research so this week I made sure to spend 20 hours on it. Truly half time. Very exciting.

As for my immutable world, both IPFS and Unison have interesting answers. IPFS has one real and one cheat. The real is that a name is just a public/private key pair and pushing to it is publishing something signed with the public key. The fake is just using DNS.

Unison doesn’t focus on time-varying values. Everything is immutable. If you want to edit a thing, you can and it will walk you through the possibilities of updating some dependencies or not, and correcting for the changed type as well. There’s no notion of libraries that can change over time. That would be built on top. http://unisonweb.org/2016-09-17/editing.html

I think the IPFS way works for me.

Thinking about IoT uses to be fully expressive with FRP. Such as put the image from my camera on this portion of my screen. Also haven’t figured out how to do social applications with hard disk – where is the data? Output devices are a bit tricky. Input devices are more straightforward. Not sure how to model the connection to the device. Nor powering the device.


urbit - an operating function https://urbit.org/primer/

consider helping REBLS with publicity. I’m leaning no here but find myself reluctant to fully say no given how little time it seems. I’m going to tell JE I want to say no, and double check with him one last time.