Future of Coding

JE Meeting 04/09/19



Steve: I am working on extending design tools like FB Origami to no longer need the React developer over the wall


he really likes: “take aprtus and add conal elliot to it” more than “take spreadsheets and extend them for user interface construction”, which is a bit more ambiguous. JE inspired aprtus via subtext and is friendly with Toby.

game plan of things to add to aprtus:

JE: the first version will be a stretch that will just let you know the things you need to actually solve for the second version

My next step: either reach out to Toby or ask JE to for me (write suggested intro for him). Maybe after coming to him with some concrete proposals or questions. This is my next step: Do just enough work in my research proposal to “pitch him.” Let’s start with figma.

The other goal here is to raise the bar on your work: more meat and less hand-waving. Here’s something I’ve done and want to share with you. And we’re just ratcheting this up as we go.

Also this is where we are joint-publishing. Very exciting!

From his perspective that’s giving him pause: was the Salon thing but that was a mistake and it won’t happen again, and I’m sorry.

JE: Eventually we get me to the point where I get into somewhere at least as real as Onward and then I have arrived by learning all the tricks to do this stuff and you’ll need a lot less of JE’s advice.

Steve: Then I get my own students!

JE: It’s alt academics maybe, powered by the internet and prosperity…

JE: Either it will go nowhere or it will snowball very rapidly… lots of others will notice and copy it also… and then we can get together and create our own college… just by the example we set…

JE: silverlake in LA - affordable, says JE.. santa moncia is like NY’s UWS but with a sunny beach, but artists can’t really afford it (like in NY)… the key thing of LA is finding your pocket for where you can live in without driving on a freeway and then you can get by pretty well but you’re in a pocket bubble… maybe look at being downtown and the subways is constantly improving and you can almost get from downtown to santa monica by new subway blue line

JE and I could start a nucleus of LA for the new HARC

JE: mention to Alan Kay that I’m working with JE, because he’d be really interested in the nonstandard nonacademic research relations. The story is that his wife is writing officially endorsed Sherlock Holmes novels, which is why they are there. Also, he likes playing the organ, and he has a custom-built one in his home in LA, so I should ask about him where he plays in London.

Check in with JE a few days before he comes to sync up on what we will talk about on the 19th