Future of Coding

Glen Chiacchieri




Thoughts about working on tools

Tools are not a prior a good thing for humanity. Is it a good thing that we have the internet now? I see my friends glued to their phones. It’s not clear if it’s a net positive for human happiness.

Laser socks in an afternoon seems like a clear good. Easy and fun and allows something to happen that previously was not possible.

The basic question of human happiness wasn’t there [when I was working at Dynamicland]. Part of this comes out of noticing I was miserable all of the time. I was thinking of who is this going to affect and how will this affect them?

Explorable explanations. Does understanding a topic such as segregation a bit more help solve racial segration? Maybe in the long-run. It doesn’t do it by itself.

There are a million ways to make people happy. Like creating a video game.

Everything we do is to try and make ourselves happy. People have bad ideas about what makes them happy.

Assisted self-study

Video chat is better. Let’s try facetime or google hangouts.