Future of Coding

58 • Structure of a Programming Language Revolution by Richard P. Gabriel


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Today we’re discussing the so-called “incommensurability” paper: The Structure of a Programming Language Revolution by Richard P. Gabriel.

In the pre-show, Jimmy demands that Ivan come right out and explain himself, and so he does, to a certain extent at least. In the post-show, Jimmy draws such a thick line between programming and philosophy that it wouldn’t even look out of place on Groucho Marx’s face.

Next episode, we will be covering the Worse is Better family of thought products, so take 15 minutes to read these three absolute bangers if you’d like to be ahead of the game:


CarrotGrid — They don’t have a web presence (weird, hey?) but they’re working on an interesting problem at the intersection of data, so listen to the short ad in the episode to find out more.

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