Future of Coding

Steve tries to improve programming

Table of Contents


  1. “Bad a math”
  2. Started with LOGO at 11
  3. Learned to “anthropomorphize” with the Turtle
  4. & debugging, and other “computational thinking” skills
  5. Loved math
  6. Curious about PL & education
  7. Went to Penn for three semesters
  8. Dropped out of college
  9. Worked at a startup (Looker)

Early inspiration


“Just a matter of months”

With the Silicon Valley mindset, I thought I’d “fix programming” in just no time. Some early prototypes:

  1. Blocks for JQuery
  2. Blocks for VueJS - count TodoMVC
  3. Projectional/Structured Editor for JS
  4. New take on version control / top-down programming

Slow down & get serious

Reading History

screenshot 2019-01-23 at 6 35 56 pm



Community organizing


The sponsorship and Patreon don’t (yet!) cover it (20%)

Current research: UI construction


Current work: visualizing DCTP


End-user programming

Enable all people to modify they software they use in the course of using it.

Other open problems

  1. Extending DCTP for multi-computer computation
  2. Continuing to improve the PX of DCTP
  3. Version Control in a world of many more forks, at many more levels
  4. Migration / adoption to such a world