Future of Coding

The boundaries of apps

Have you ever realized how sad is that you can’t mix and match pieces of various website or apps together? You can’t have a single page that includes emails from gmail, songs from Spotify, videos from YouTube, documents from Google Doc, etc., all in such a way that you can interact with them as you would if they were in their own app!

Apps are a great metaphor. The metaphor is that of a kitchen appliance. It’s a mass-produced thing that sparkles and shines and you just press one of these preset buttons and pull the lever and it does that one thing it’s supposed to beautifully. The downside of a beautiful appliance is not customizable, your dependent on the company, and you can’t use it in combination with other things in your kitchen. The epitome of this is nespresso.

On the other hand, there are a number of tools in your kitchen that are highly customizable, not dependent on any company, and work extremely well with other tools: cutting board, knives, stoves, frying pans, oven mitts, ovens, baking trays, spatulas, strainers, etc.


Pharo is neat! Is this how the desktop metahpor was supposed to be in early smalltalk…?

universal render tree


understandability is also key