We share and discuss ideas, prototypes, weekly demo videos, and inspirational links, with a friendly tone and an inclusive code of conduct. We also organize meetups and events in cities around the world and online. The discussions are deep and wonderful, with an eye to half-forgotten history and a head filled with dreams of what could someday be.


Before joining the community, please familiarize yourself with the member handbook.

You can join the Future of Coding Slack community right here. If this link doesn’t work on your mobile device, try it on a computer. Our community is open to any topic related to furthering the evolution of computing.


You can explore the history of our Slack in various ways, all of them a bit rough around the edges but super useful:

Matrix Bridge

Our 4 most popular channels are bridged to Matrix rooms. They should be accessible in any Matrix client using the following aliases:

You can also search for “Future of Coding” in a Matrix client to find them. Note that these Matrix bridged rooms are currently invite-only as spam prevention measure. If you would like to join, please DM to request an invite. Thanks to J. Ryan Stinnett for facilitating these rooms, and for suggesting the following etiquette:

When responding to someone, if your Matrix client supports threads, then use that and you’re all set. If your client does not support threads, be sure to use your Matrix client’s “reply” feature, rather than (say) block-quoting manually in Markdown or something. Exact steps will differ per client. For Element on the web, you hover on the message to reply to, an action bar appears on the top right of the message, and you can pick “reply” (the curved arrow icon) from there and type your reply. For the Element apps on iOS and Android, you long press on the message to reply to, and then you can choose “reply” from the menu and type your reply.