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Reviewed September 6, 2019

ZEIT is a cloud-computing platform with a focus on usability. It allows developers to deploy any web application to their serverless (self-healing, auto-scaling) infrastructre with little or no configuration. It features free and automatic SSL, deep integrations with GitHub and GitLab, a new integrations marketplace, and even the ability to buy and manage domain names directly from their CLI. ZEIT was founded in 2015 by Guillermo Rauch.

Product Feel

Amazing onboarding

You create your account via the command line! You don't even create a password; it's login via email every time. I am a sucker for these little touches, such how they autocomplete

Everything from the CLI

Every ZEIT deployment creates a free, permanent (immutable) URL under ZEIT's subdomain. But you can also alias to domains you own or even buy a domain from ZEIT right from the CLI! (You can also add your credit card via the command line!)

Monorepo Support

ZEIT combines the simplicity of a monorepo with the flexibility of independent services. You can mix various programming languages and static files all in the same repo as shown below. Without configuration, ZEIT automatically detects how to handle each file and builds them in parallel.

Share code

ZEIT makes it incredibly easy to share both a running version of your app and its code -- even without setting up a online git repo. Simply adding /_src after a URL will pull up its source. You can share a specific line range of code by highlighting it and sharing the resultant URL as done in the following video:


ZEIT offers a generous free tier and reasonably-priced paid service:


All of my past wishes were granted: