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Reviewed July 18, 2019

Coda is a collaborative document surface augmented with functionality from spreadsheets, kanban boards, calendars, databases, automated workflows, and 3rd party integrations. It aims to start as a simple document and grow with the users' needs to be the single place where they add their structure, workflows, data, and customized views. It was founded in 2014 and launched publicly in 2019. While it still has a long way to go to accomplish it, Coda's mission of creating a medium to democratize computation is very compelling.

Product Feel

Basic Usage

The above video shows me exploring Coda's CRM template. It demonstrates:


Coda launched with an impressive amount and quality of templates, including with brand-name partners, such as:


There are a lot of little features that make constructing formulas much more pleasant in Coda:

The icons within formulas subtley convey type information, such as:


In Coda, Automations are simple workflows (a la Zapier or IFTTT). They can be triggered via on changes to specific columns in tables or on a set time-based schedule. They can cause changes to data in tables or actions in 3rd-party services via packs.

Doc Map

The Doc Map allows users to see a global structure of a doc, such as where tables are referenced in controls and formulas.

Automatic mobile app interface

The Coda mobile app automatically reskins the desktop interface as a mobile app, converting pages to tab-based navigation at the bottom of the screen, and table buttons to swipe-able actions.


Packs are Coda's answer to 3rd party integrations. They allow you to pull in data, such as from Figma and Github, as well as send messages to Slack, create Google Calendar events, etc. Adding a pack prompts you to sign in to your account in the 3rd party service, and then provides you with extra views, buttons and formulas specific to that service.


Today Coda is entirely free. They plan to introduce a paid tier eventually, but promise to always keep a free version.


Past wishes that were granted:

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