Whole Code

Edition 1
September 9, 2019
Steve Krouse

Over the past year and a half, I've been collaborating with Dark (a new programming language startup) to research programming languages and tools. Today we are sharing these reviews publicly.

The Whole Earth Catalog was before my time, but I grew up immersed in many of the conversations it began. This series borrows its name, and continues in its tradition of "access to tools". Stewart Brand’s original inspiration for the Catalog was helping his "friends who were starting their own civilization hither and yon in the sticks." This series is likewise designed to help visionary friends, but where his friends were living off-the-grid, my friends are creating the programming environments of the future. This series is democratizing access to tools one-step removed. These reviews are for the makers of tools, those that are pushing our computational interfaces forward. The goal of the Whole Code Catalog is to provide inspiration for the tools you will one day create.

Other similar efforts to catalog futuristic computational interfaces include:

Please reach out to steve at with suggestions for tools to review for the second edition, which may include user-contributed reviews. In the meanwhile, you may enjoy the Future of Coding Slack Community and Future of Coding podcast. If you find this work valuable, please consider supporting me on Patreon.

Thanks to the Dark team for their support and partnership. Thanks to Ivan Reese, Jonathan Edwards, Aidan Cuniffee, Nicolae Rusan, Geoffrey Litt, and Matt Marcus for their feedback.